sct ceramics ceramic-to-metal seals for feedthroughs and connectors
sct ceramics miniaturized technical ceramics feedthroughs for the pacemaker cardiac market

Custom brazed ceramic-to-metal solutions

For 100 years, we at SCT Ceramics have been developping and manufacturing advanced technical ceramics and ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies for high-reliability markets demanding precision and quality.

Situated in the heart of France’s ceramic valley, SCT was born out of a tradition of engineering the finest advanced ceramics. Today, we accompany our clients in the development of ceramic-to-metal seals and assemblies. Our services span the scope of research and prototyping to high volume production.

Our custom engineered designs are built to our client’s exact specifications and deliver the highest degree of quality and customer satisfaction.

A century of innovation

SCT (Société des Céramiques Techniques) offers a unique expertise in the world of advanced technical ceramics and brazing technology. For a century this know-how has driven our progress and innovation. Our perfection of brazing techniques has allowed us to expand into innovative and diverse markets while bolstering our reputation as supplier-innovators. We provide our clients with proactive and innovative solutions rooted in our own in-house research and development. Our advanced technical ceramics assemblies are built to exacting specifications. Our products withstand demanding and extreme environments such as the human body, high temperature, high pressure, vacuum, ultra high vacuum, corrosion, cryogenics and high voltage. At SCT Ceramics we deliver high quality and innovative solutions that boost our client’s competitivity within their respective markets.

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Our partners

SCT is supported by : 

  • The EUROPEAN UNION and the OCCITANIE REGION who each provided direct subsidies for SCT’s site expansion. 
  • The TARBES-LOUDRES-PYRENEES Agglomeration Community, which participated in the development of our new unit
  • BPI, a stakeholder in SCT’s activities 
  • « TERRITOIRE D’INDUSTRIE » who has provided label recognition for our strategic reorganization and modernization plan.

SCT in our region and our industry :

SCT is a part of the ADOUR ENTREPRENDRE NETWORK, whose purpose is to help create SMEs in the region. SCT is a member of the POLE EUROPEEN DE LA CERAMIQUE which connects industry experts across the continent