ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs for cardiac implantable electronic devices
sct ceramics hermetic feedthroughs for aimd active implantable medical device

Trusted market experience

For over a decade, we’ve been developping and manufacturing custom, hermetic feedthroughs and ceramic casings for use in cardiac implantable devices. From prototypes to high volume manufacturing, our clients trust us to deliver value-added solutions that will enhance their products and improve patient outcomes. 

Certification AFNOR

Our commitment to regulatory compliance is at the center of our operations and is guided by a rigorous Quality Management System. Every new product development cycle undergoes IQ OQ PQ phases, and we implement Statistical Process Control to guarantee procedural stability.

Experts in miniaturization

Cardiac implantable electronic devices have evolved into remarkably smaller units with greatly enhanced capabilities. At SCT, our custom biocompatible feedthroughs are used in innovative applications, such as leadless pacemakers. 

With 50 years experience in ceramic-to-metal brazing technology, we are a global leader and have evolved our methods in order to serve a variety of markets. Our biocompatible, advanced ceramic formula is produced on site and can be shaped to miniaturized dimensions. 

We know that medtech will continue to evolve and that up-and-coming technologies will produce new generations of superminiaturized devices. As part of our commitment to the field, we continue to invest in research that will support our client’s innovative and life-changing devices.

Implantable Feedthroughs

100% of our products are inspected and tested according to the most important parameters: 

  • Leak Test for Hermeticity 
  • Electric Tests  
  • Thermal Shock
  • Dimension Inspection (random sampling, AQL standards)

In collaboration with our in-house R&D and Engineering team, we guarantee proactive solutions which optimize cost, reduce leadtimes and uphold our client’s specifications. 

quality inspections for ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs for pacemakers





Implantable cardiac monitors 

Leadless pacemaker

sct ceramics sputtering system in clean room for brazing

Controlled environment 

In 2019, SCT opened the doors to its Medical Applications Division. This new step allowed us to optimise our industrialisation strategies for our series production, particularly in our cardiac implant markets. It also secured the following advantages for our clients such as :

  • ISO 13485 certification
  • ISO 8 clean room 
  • Machines devoted to biocompatible materials 
  • Highly trained staff dedicated to medical implant production

Complementary options

Sct offers the following complementary options for your projects


Laser welding

Laser etching 

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