sct ceramics miniaturized, implantable feedthroughs brazed with ruby and gold for aimds
hermetic feedthroughs made with technical ceramics for extreme environments

Hermetic solutions when reliability is key 

Ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs are used to carry electrical signals or power while preserving hermeticity and electrical insulation. SCT creates a ceramic-to-metal seal by bonding ceramic to metal through brazing technology. This produces hermetic feedthroughs capable of withstanding extreme environments and utilized in diverse applications. 

Our ceramic feedthroughs are co-developed with our clients according to their unique specifications and market regulations. We emphasize rigorous qualification measures in order to guarantee hermeticity during the product’s lifespan. 

ceramic-to-metal high power feedthroughs
High Pressure Feedthroughs
ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs for extreme conditions
High Power Feedthrough

ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs designs SCT Ceramics
Robust Feedthrough Designs

Alumina Based Feedthroughs

Alumina (AL203) is the gold standard of technical ceramics. Our proprietary alumina ceramic formulas (ALUCER®) measurably outperform other materials such as glass or techncial plastics. Their superior properties are known for :

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Hermeticity
  • Thermo-mechanical strength 
  • Biocompatibility 


Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs for the cardiac, cochlear and neurostimulation markets)

  • SCT manufactures tailor-made implantable and miniaturized ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs. All of our components used in assembly are strictly biocompatible. 
  • Our feedthroughs are primarily manufactured with a high-purity aluminum oxyde that is produced on-site. We also offer solutions using zirconia, or single crystal insulators such as ruby or synthetic sapphire.  


Our high-temperature feedthroughs are ideal for critical aerospace applications such as turbine fire detection and temperature measurement.


SCT first developed high presure, high power feedthroughs in the 1970s to meet the demands of the nuclear energy market. Nuclear safety remains our number one priority and our feedthroughs are designed and manufactured according to rigorous quality systems and specifications. 

X-Ray Tubes

SCT was a pioneer in the transition from glass to ceramic tube technology. Our high power, hermetic feedthroughs are currently found in a wide range of non-destructive testing applications.




Consistent and reliable hermeticity is a feedthrough’s essential function. To guarantee a hermetic seal, 100% of our feedthroughs undergo a helium-based leak test inspection. For nuclear applications, SCT is qualified to perform leak rate measurements according to COFREND requirements.

Strict norms and standards 

We have developped our tests to meet or exceed the strictest regulations and to mitigate risks associated with each market. Our thermal shock tests range from -65°C (-85°F) all the way up to 200°C (392°F) according to MIL 202-G norms.

Complementary Tests

Depending on your product application and product demand, we are able to perform complementary inspections such as thermal cycling, pressure test, torque or traction mechanical tests.

sct ceramics manufacturing of hermetic, brazed feedthroughs for active implantable medical devices

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