Jean-Paul Detroyes President and CEO of SCT Ceramics in France

We know the importance of experience. For 100 years, SCT (Société des Céramiques Techniques) has been at the center of technical ceramics for a diverse set of markets and applications. Within that time, we have amassed a vast knowledge in the field of advanced technical ceramics and brazed ceramic-to-metal assemblies. 

We pride ourselves on being a supplier of choice. In a rapidly changing world, we know the importance of having a nimble and innovative collaborator. Our current environment requires subcontractors to shift our mindset to be not just suppliers but supplier-innovators.  

How do we at SCT Ceramics embrace these new challenges ? We pair our experience in manufacturing high quality, technical ceramics assemblies with a focus on our own research and development. This approach helps drive our success in the core of what we do- engineering and manufacturing of advanced ceramics solutions to meet the critical needs demanded in high reliability industries such as Aerospace, Active Implantable Medical Devices, Energy and Electron tubes. 

Our priority as solution providers is to offer value-added products and services which will enable our clients to meet their rigorous market expectations. Our actions at SCT testify to our commitment to continuous innovation : 6% of our annual sales is put back into research and development and we invest annually in new equipment and machinery. In our recruiting, we actively seek new talent with specialized competencies to round out our work force.  

Rooted within our commitment to customer satisfaction is our upmost dedication to confidentiality and neutrality, two coveted values for our clients operating in competitive markets. We are proud of our staff’s loyalty, diverse expertise and passion. These virtues have shaped who we are today and will continue to drive us towards excellence in all we do.  

Jean-Paul Detroyes

Jean-Paul Detroyes