sct ceramics metal ceramic x ray tube
high power alumina ceramic feedthrough for high electric conditions

Superior electrical performance

We develop and manufacture brazed insulators for ceramic X-ray tubes. The electrical properties of our proprietary alumina formulas (ALUCER®) are able to measurably increase the performance of our customer’s tubes.

To meet the market demands for greater electrical insulation, we have developed a technology which limits the effects of electronic avalanche on the alumina’s surface. In conjunction with efficient cleaning mesures, our process increases the voltage threshold and extends the lifespan of our clients’ final product.


CT Scan ceramic insulator

Our medical CT scan X-ray tubes maintain the highest quality standards found in the market, with tailor-made products such as :

  • Ceramic insulator
  • Ceramic feedthrough
  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Filament support

NDT X-ray

We assist our customers in the technological development of X-ray tubes, with particular attention on providing solutions for miniaturization and high electrical voltage thresholds


High performing power tubes co-developed in lockstep with our customers

E-beam systems

Ceramic insulators for vacuum tubes are suitable for many vacuum or ultra-high vacuum (UHV) electron beam systems


We leverage ALUCER®’s exceptional properties and our experience in ceramic-to-metal brazing to product high performance insulators destined for X-ray microscopes.

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