sct ceramics brazed insulator for high electrical resistance
sct ceramics brazed insulator made from technical ceramics

High-performance electrical insulation 

Our advanced ceramic, brazed insulators are guaranteed to resist the elevated electrical power found in our customer’s end products. Paired with the suitable components, our assemblies can withstand voltage from 10kV to over 350kV. 

We work closely with our clients to co-develop the right solution that will ensure the required electrical performance. Our insulators are engineered to comply with our client’s product features such as hermeticity and vacuum resistance, cleanliness, precision, product lifespan and more.

Ceramic Brazed Insulators : The Ceramic Advantage

Alumina based ceramics are optimal for high-voltage insulation and protection. In their respective applications, these ceramics surpass other materials such as glass or technical plastics. 

Our proprietary, industrial formulas (ALUCER®) are renown for their electrical performance. 



Power insulators for hermetic feedthroughs

Electron tubes

SCT was a pioneer in supporting the transition from glass to advanced ceramic tubes  

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