On-time delivery for your bottom line 

At SCT, we have an appreciation for the complex logistics of the aerospace industry. A single aircraft can require up to 6 million different parts and components. Rapid change in the market can cause spikes in material requirements. 

Our priority is to ensure on-time delivery of our products so that our customers can focus more on making planes and less on organizing inventory. 

SCT’s Supply Chain team will work in lockstep with your forecasts to make sure our deliveries meet your precise needs. We provide global logistical support and make adjustments to our final and work-in-progress inventory levels. We set the bar high and demand the same responsiveness from our own qualified partners and suppliers. 

From development to takeoff

SCT brings more than 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing ceramic-to-metal brazed components such as hermetic thermocouple feedthroughs for aeronautical turbines. We partner with our customers to co-develop robust components intended for critical engine uses. Our qualification processes are reinforced by industry standard methods, like six sigma and quality management, to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace market. Our brazed assemblies such as thermocouple sensors are used worldwide by engine manufacturers for airplanes, helicopters and spacecraft.

brazed technical ceramic assemblies for aerospace



SCT is a leader in the production of thermocouple components for aerospace motors

  • Aerospace thermocouple
  • Thermocouple sensor
  • Ceramic connector
  • Terminal assembly


Engine ignition system and defense initiation

  • Ignitor
  • Bridge
  • Caps


Sapphire-to-metal brazing for optical applications

  • Sapphire viewports
  • Sapphire window


SCT produces sensor bodies for detection systems

  • Engine fire detector
  • Proximity sensors


sct ceramics hermetic thermocouple feedthrough for aerospace

Aerospace thermocouple

  • Thermocouple sensor
  • Hermetic feedthrough for thermocouple
sct ceramics ceramic-to-metal connector for aerospace


  • Fire detection feedthrough
  • Hermetic feedthrough
sct ceramics thermocouple sensors for aerospace markets


  • High temperature sensors
  • Precision sensors
sct ceramics brazed sapphire windows


  • Brazed sapphire windows
  • Pyrotechnics

Our Facility

Our facility has the capacity to meet the production demands of the aerospace market with : 

  • More than 10 brazing furnaces.
  • 6500m2 (70 000ft2) of production space
brazing furnaces for ceramic-to-metal seams

Our Operational Excellence team ensures the qualification and conformity of all of our products and suppliers :   

  • 100% of products tested for hermeticity
  • 100% of our brazed connectors are visually inspected under binoculars
  • Inspections meet rigorous electrical and dimension criteria, which are adapted to each customer

Our Quality Assurance team adheres to DVI, FAI, Delta FAI reporting standards to trace product configuration and monitor qualified suppliers.

Custom options

SCT provides custom tests upon request such as :

  • Torsion test
  • Tensile test
  • Pressure test
  • Thermal shocks
  • Thermal cycling

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