SCT, your partner for high-performance ceramic-to-metal assemblies, from development to volume production.

Since the 70’s, SCT has been a qualified supplier of brazed ceramics used for engine sensors like thermocouple housings, thermocouple feedthroughs and fire detection feedthroughs. We use our experience in the aeronautical field to develop and produce robust and reliable brazed assemblies for thermocouple housings as well as fire detection feedthroughs. The assemblies for thermocouple housings and fire detection feedthroughs are developed to withstand constraints such as high temperatures, thermal cycling, vibrations and corrosion. This competence and products reliability recognized worldwide pave the way for fitting a number of civil and military aircrafts (planes and helicopters) and also some missiles and spacecrafts with our brazed assemblies. Certified AS9100, SCT guarantees a 100% traceability of production parameters starting with the qualification phase of the First Articles. SCT is focusing an important part of its R&D resources to develop high performance solutions for higher temperature levels, miniaturization, weight reduction of ceramic seals as well as enhanced corrosion resistance thanks to direct bonding processes.

Applications :


Thermocouple housings


Advanced ceramics


Ceramic-to-metal assembly