Ceramic feedthrus submitted to extreme operating conditions

SCT ensures the design and the manufacture of ceramic feedthrus for the energy market since the 70’s, particularly for nuclear, civil and military, offshore and renewable energy sectors.
To meet the specificities of this market, SCT offers solutions of ceramic feedthrus allowing reaching very high operating performance :

  • Radiation resistance
  • High pressure resistance
  • High electric power resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High temperature resistance

For the design of new parts, the use of CAD software such as Ansys, Q3D and Maxwell (link to Study & Design) provides high safety factors for our customers.

In order to guarantee an irreproachable quality, SCT has a Cofrend level 2 authorized team for hermeticity and dye penetration controls of the parts.

Applications :

  • Ceramic penetrators for high voltage applications
  • Ceramic power penetrator used in high pressure applications
  • Ceramic penetrators integrated in systems of multipin signal
  • Nuclear ceramic connectors for application of Thermocouple housings, neutron activity sensors
  • Ceramic Feedthrus, cable terminals, connectors
  • Ceramic penetrators for offshore industries …

Nuclear ceramic connectors


Ceramic feedthrough