brazed ceramic hermetic connectors for extreme conditions

Our brazed ceramic-metal, hermetic connectors are engineered and manufactured to our client’s specifications.

 Resistant to :

  • Radiation
  • Pressure
  • high electrical voltage
  • corrosion
  • extreme temperature.  

High temperature connectors are utilized in developing connection systems where large amounts of electrical signals or power pass through extreme environments. Our product are integrated in critical systems such as position sensors, thermocouples, ceramic penetrators, neutron activity sensors and more.

Need help upgrading to ceramic? 

At SCT, we provide engineering support to clients who are transitioning from glass or technical plastic to technical ceramic insulators. Our custom solutions uphold the original connection interfaces while enabling the integration of advanced ceramic connectors. Ceramic-based connectors are proven to be more robust and capable of withstanding higher temperatures.



High temperature ceramic connectors built for engine applications.


Hermetic nuclear connectors for power plants

Specific connectors for defense nuclear systems 

Connectors for subsea systems

sct ceramics quality control inspections for nuclear applications

Quality inspection

All of our products are tested to meet the rigorous standards of their applications

  • Temperature 
  • Cofrend for Nuclear 
  • Pressure 

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