sct ceramics ceramic-to-metal brazing technology for aimd active implantable medical devices

Manufacturing for the medical industry

We work with our clients to ensure that our hermetic, ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs will meet or exceed the standards of the medical industry and help provide the best patient care possible.

Certification AFNOR

For two decades, our strict Quality Management System has guided our development and operational procedures. We conduct IQ, OQ and PQ phases and implement statistical process control (SPC) to ensure a smooth transition from design prototype to high-volume manufacturing.

Implantable Feedthroughs for innovative technologies

miniaturized ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs for cochlear implants

Developing brazed, ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs for innovative devices such as totally implantable cochlear implants requires suppliers with skillsets in miniaturization and material science. Our R&D and Engineering services produce some of the most precise and reliable feedthroughs found on the market, using our very own biocompatible advanced ceramic formula, (ALUCER®) and zirconia-based ceramics. 

Our quality assurance

As a proud supplier of implantable feedthroughs for the cochlear implants market, we strive for a quality thats systematically in line with our customer’s expecations and ensure our components uphold their unique specifications.

100% of our brazed assemblies are inspected according to the most important criteria:

  • Leak test for hermeticity
  • Electric tests
  • Thermal Shock
  • Dimension Inspection (random sampling, AQL standards)
Hermeticity testing for miniaturized, brazed feedthroughs developed for active implantable medical deivces


Cochlear Implants 

Middle Ear Implants 

Totally Implantable Cochlear Implants 

clean room inspection of miniaturized, implantable, ceramic feedthroughs for medical devices

Dedicated resources for biocompatible applications 

In 2019, SCT inaugurated its new Medical Applications Division building. This step allowed us to concentrate our resources and devote our full attention to our activity within the active implantable medical device market. We offer the following advantages :

  • ISO 13485 certification
  • Clean room certified ISO 8
  • State of the art equipment dedicated to biocompatible materials
  • Staff trained in manufacturing for the active implantable medical device market  

Complementary options

SCT offers the following complementary options for your projects


Laser welding

Laser etching 

Are you looking for a supplier to support your innovative projet ?