SCT – ceramic to metal brazing expert

SCT, Société des Céramiques Techniques, has a unique expertise in the world in the field of technical ceramics and particularly with brazed assemblies.

Thanks to its experience in advanced ceramics, in metallized ceramics and in brazed assemblies for over 70 years, SCT has been specializing in manufacturing high performance technical ceramics products capable to withstand severe working conditions such as high temperatures, high pressures, vacuum, ultra high vacuum, biocompatibility, corrosion, cryogenics or high voltages.
Located on a single 40,000 square meters site, SCT possesses all industrial and human resources necessary for manufacturing technical ceramics components and complex brazed assemblies, from prototyping to volume production quantities.
Société des Céramiques Techniques provides you its teams to meet your needs and supply you with technical ceramics and brazed assemblies solutions for electrical insulation, while keeping in mind quality, reactivity and competitiveness.