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Chairman’s message

Dear client,

SCT, Société des Céramiques Techniques, has been since 1920 at the center of technical ceramics for industrial applications.
Particularly, SCT amassed a considerable know-how in the field of advanced ceramics and brazed assemblies.
Above all, we are expert subcontractors of high-tech complex advanced ceramics solutions for Aerospace, Medical, Energy and Defense fields.
Our priority is the products quality and the service offered to our clients to enable them to meet their market expectations.
Our R&D effort represents 5% of SCT annual sales and the investments we make each year are the evidence of SCT commitment to support our customers with their product developments.
Our actions are always carried out with a confidentiality and neutrality approach which are important values for our customers operating in competitive markets.
We are proud of our staff’s loyalty, competence and passion which allow SCT to develop and build the future with its customers.
Being devoted to this mission entrusted to me.

Jean-Paul Detroyes



Jean-Paul Detroyes