The company


SCT, Société des Céramiques Techniques is a French industrial company (Detroyes Industrie Goup) recognized worldwide for its expertise in technical ceramics and brazed assemblies manufacturing.

Nearly 100 years old, Société des Céramiques Techniques has always anticipated the market trends to offer its customers constantly innovating advanced ceramics solutions and incorporating into its products more added value. SCT evolved from the manufacture of porcelain parts to the production of implantable feedthroughs as follows:

1922: First high-voltage porcelain insulators for chemins de fer du Sud-Ouest, a railway company
1950: Marketing of the range of Radiocer® capacitors
1968: Development of medium voltage ceramic penetrators for nuclear power plants
1970: Manufacture of the first implantable ceramic hip prosthesis in the world for Pr. Boutin
1971: Development of thermocouple housings mounted on plane (CFM56 engine)
1975: Development of brazed ceramics anodes and cathodes for medical X-ray tubes
1991: Development of the metallized ceramics business for night vision
2007: Creation of the implantable feedthroughs Business Unit for medical market


90 years experience in ceramic-to-metal seals manufacturing.