Quality inspection

Manufacturing process :

The traceability and  controls of our brazed ceramic-to-metal assemblies are applied  throughout the manufacturing process at SCT :

  • Dye penetration control (level 2 Cofrend accreditation)
  • Control of parts aspect with magnifying lens, manually or per automated method
  • Mechanical and optical dimension controls, manually or per automated method
  • X ray metallization thickness monitoring (MoMn, Ni, Ti,…) and protective layers (Au, Ag, Cu, ….)
  • Controls of electrical performances of brazed assemblies (insulation resistance, breakdown,…)
  • Control of temperature resistance of brazed assembly by thermal & VRT cycling (automatic climate chamber)
  • Control of pressure resistance of brazed assemblies (> 1200 bar)
  • Helium hermeticity control of brazed assembly (level 2 Cofrend accreditation)
  • Electrical controls of brazed assemblies in flight condition (change of altitude level)
  • X ray non-destructive testing of brazed assemblies welded and brazed joints

Orange dots show all inspection and cleaning operations performed throughout the  process


Advanced ceramics dye penetrant testing


Optical inspection


3D dimension inspection


Magnifying lens inspection