Ceramic to metal brazing – Vacuum brazing

SCT have an expert knowledge of ceramic to metal brazing and vacuum brazing for the realization of brazed assemblies.

Manufacturing process :

The ceramic to metal brazing is the know-how controlled by SCT to obtain a hermetic seal between metallic and ceramic parts. SCT has many different controlled-atmosphere furnaces for ceramic to metal brazing.

The vacuum brazing is performed in bell type furnaces. SCT has around ten furnaces for vacuum brazing and controlled-atmosphere brazing. The brazed assemblies can also be performed in bell type furnaces using hydrogen/nitrogen.

SCT has a tunnel furnace using hydrogen for brazed assemblies in high production series.
Finally, SCT has highly accurate vacuum brazing furnaces dedicated to the production of brazed assemblies for medical implantable ceramic applications.

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Vacuum braze furnace


Implantable feedthrus


Brazed assembly