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Thermocouple feedthrough

SCT develops and produces ceramic to metal sub-assemblies for gas turbine temperature sensors.

For the aerospace market, SCT develops and produces brazed ceramics-metal parts such as high temperature thermocouple feedthroughs and high performance ceramic terminal assemblies used in harsh turbine environments.

SCT offers high repeatability volume production of robust and hermetic thermocouple sensors for aircrafts, helicopters and energy production gas turbines.

In order to respond to market’s demand and environmental standards, engine manufacturers have to improve their turbines performance by increasing operating temperatures or size and weight reduction, all of which require high temperature feedthroughs.

Thanks to its manufacturing experience and in-house R&D program results related to temperature resistance increase of ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies in harsh environment, SCT is able to develop high temperature feedthrough for operating temperature up to 1300°C/2370°F.

Thermocouple sensors, high temperature thermocouple feedthroughs and ceramic terminal assemblies are co-engineered with customers to respond to technical specifications by using consistent and cost competitive qualified production processes adapted to aerospace market.

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Thermocouple housings

Thermocouple housings