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Hermetically sealed feedthrough

SCT produces brazed ceramics feedthroughs for leak tight applications in harsh environments

For all customers, SCT develops and produces ceramic to metal brazed sub-assemblies such as high performances hermetic feedthroughs.

Hermetic feedthroughs are used in extreme environments such as industrial vacuum, high energy physics UHV, corrosion and radiation in nuclear applications or high temperature for aircraft gas turbines.

SCT manufactures high performance feedthroughs thanks to adapted design with ceramics-metal high temperature brazing processes in order to guarantee hermeticity after brazing and also throughout the product life cycle.

SCT’s feedthrough hermeticity is 100% Helium leak tested according to market standards. For high requirement products, SCT is also certified to measure the exact leak rate according to level 2 COFREND certification (=French Confederation for Non-Destructive Testing).

Depending on application and customer requirements, SCT makes hermeticity inspection after secondary testing such as thermal shock or cycling, mechanical tests as pull, push, pressure or torque tests.

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Hermetic feedthroughs

Hermetic feedthroughs

Implantable feedthrough with bent pins

Implantable feedthrough with bent pins