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Heater assemblies

SCT, the expert of Heater assemblies

Based on our know how gained since the 70s on the ceramic to metal brazing, SCT assures the development up to the volume production manufacturing of your ceramic to metal brazed assemblies according EN 9100.

Our R&D and Engineering teams develop more than 100 references per year for the sectors of Aerospace, Medical, Electron Tubes & Energy.

For the Energy and the Aerospace sectors, our customers need heater assemblies operating under high temperatures over 900°C/1650°F to measure neutron activity in the nuclear power plant heart and the temperature inside the aircraft engine for the aerospace market,

In order to guarantee the best quality level, SCT has a level 2 COFREND (French Confederation for Non-Destructive Testing) qualified team for hermeticity and liquid penetrant inspection of the brazed leak tight assemblies.

For Nuclear products, our heater assemblies designs are integrated in heating systems from standard to highly engineered applications.

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