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Electrical feedthroughs

SCT offers technical solutions for Ultra High Voltage and Ultra High Vacuum thanks to custom designed ceramic to metal feedthroughs.

SCT develops and offers volume production of electrical feedthroughs for electrical insulation applications with high voltage up to 800kV for certain research programs.

SCT’s alumina ceramics offers an average dielectric strength performance of 40kV/mm during electrical breakdown voltage test according to EN 60672-2, 2000 standards.

High purity alumina was developed by SCT for ceramic to metal brazing process and electrical insulation applications.

For high voltage applications, SCT uses ultra clean processes and equipments such as brazing under vacuum atmosphere and assembly operations in clean rooms. Moreover, SCT also defines the most adequate cleaning process depending on products and application requirements.

Electrical feedthroughs are used in high voltage applications such as ceramic to metal brazed insulators for X-Ray Tubes, e-beam systems, analytical applications and highly engineered offshores and nuclear connection systems.

Electrical feedthroughs are also produced by SCT for compact and lightweight aircraft sensing systems and biomedical micro connectors implanted in the human body.

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Electrical feedthroughs

Electrical feedthroughs