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Ceramic implantable devices

SCT’s biocompatible ceramics are adapted to metallization as well as ceramic to metal brazing processes and ceramic implantable devices have become one of its specialties.

SCT has acquired solid in-house manufacturing experience of biocompatible materials since the 70s when Pr Boutin started implanting Alumina Al2O3 Ceramics hip prosthesis. SCT has also developed ceramic to metal sealing technologies, enabling the company to provide hermetic assemblies for active ceramic implants.

SCT’s metallization and brazing processes of hermetic seals are used for miniature feedthroughs with pin diameter up to 0.10 mm.

SCT ensures the total project management by controlling the entire manufacturing process, from the preparation of ceramic powders to the manufacture of feedthroughs or ceramic RF housings or casings which are then integrated in implantable ceramic devices.

The inline manufacturing unit including an ISO 7 class clean room as well as dedicated equipment and operators is certified according ISO 13485.

Additional operations such as welding, marking or surface treatments like gold plating, silver plating, tinning or nickel plating can be realized on specific request.

For the market of implantable ceramic devices SCT offers mainly hermetic implantable feedthroughs, filtered and unfiltered, implantable brazed casings or housings for pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear implants and other neurostimulator devices.

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RF ceramic housing

RF ceramic housing