Electron tubes

Brazed ceramics insulators for high vacuum and very high voltage application (700kV)

SCT is one of the global leaders for the design and the manufacture of brazed ceramics insulators for electronic tubes in the fields of medicine (scanners), industry (X-Ray control) or communications.
SCT developed advanced ceramics for high voltage application and the manufacture of performing ceramic seals, ceramic feedthroughs and hermetic brazed assemblies.
Particularly we assist our clients in the technological evolution of X-ray tubes to meet their continuous need for miniaturization and ever higher electric voltage insulation resistance.
To meet these more recent needs, we developed a technology consisting in limiting the electronic avalanche surface effects of technical ceramics which, associated with a very efficient final cleaning process, allows for increased applied power and products lifetime.

Applications :

  • Medical X-ray tubes (anodes and cathodes for CT Scan)
  • Power industrial X-ray tubes (NDT)
  • Analysis equipment tubes (E-beam)
  • Tubes for telecommunication
  • High-performance microscopy
  • Ceramic feedthroughs

Ceramic feedthrus