Ceramic power capacitors, from Radiocer standard catalogue references to customized products according to customers specifications.

We regret to announce the end of capacitor production activities on December 31, 2017

Since 1950, SCT has been offering an off-the-shelf range of power ceramic capacitors, trade named Radiocer®, used for the manufacture and the maintenance of AM power transmitters and HF generators.

Our catalogue proposes 150 references of air or water cooled capacitors with different geometry (plates, disks, tubes, pots,…) :

  • Range of operating frequency: 100KHz to 30MHz
  • Capacity range: 30pF to 100 000pF
  • Operating nominal voltage: up to 36kVc

Thanks to its experience, SCT also develops special ceramic capacitors (dielectric materials and custom designs) per customer requests, using softwares like Maxwell or Q3D to validate new designs.
We make special capacitors for the medical implants & Energy distribution markets.

Applications :

  • Capacitors for power circuits and for antenna cabinets, used in high and medium power AM radio broadcast transmitters
  • Capacitors for Industrial high frequency, induction and dielectric heating generators
  • High tension and high frequency capacitors (from 100 KHz to 30 MHz) for various applications
  • Filtration capacitors for implantable feedthroughs (Pacemaker, neurostimulation, …)
  • Filtration capacitors on medium-voltage network (Smart Grid,…)

Radiocer® power ceramic capacitors


Special ceramic capacitors

Medical New (45)

Implantable ceramic capacitor