sct ceramics conducts binocular inspections for feedthroughs in the active implantable medical device market

Fueled by innovation

Certification AFNOR

At SCT, we combine experience with innovation to set us apart as a leading supplier of miniaturized ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs and ceramic casings for the neurostimulation market. With over 50 years dedicated to ceramic-to-metal brazing technology and technical ceramics science, we continuously seek to expand our capacity and push the limits of what’s possible. Our clients benefit from a range of biocompatible, ceramic solutions such as our own alumina formulas (ALUCER®) as well as zirconia and alternative ceramics options.

engineered with you, for you 

Our clients enjoy access to all of our qualified teams. Our internal R&D oversees the material integrity of our products and our Design and Engineering ensure that each design is matched to our client’s product needs and regulation requirements. 

Upholding medical industry standards

Our Quality Management System defines the processes put in place to accompany our clients in a smooth and efficient transition from prototype to series production. This includes establishing strict qualification phases which meet or exceed the standards of the implantable medical market. Qualification steps such as IQ, OQ and PQ are built into our development cycle. 

technical ceramics quality control for ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs in the neurostimulation market

100% of our products are controlled according to the most important criteria :

  • Leak Test for Hermeticity 
  • Electric tests
  • Thermal Shock
  • Dimension Inspection (random sampling, AQL standards)

In addition, our quality systems and checkpoints support our client’s individual specifications.

A Shared Vision 

At SCT we are driven by curiosity and a desire to add value to our clients and the medical industry. We are proud to be the supplier of choice for companies developing neurostimulation devices that greatly enhance the quality of life for patients around the world. 

Our projects span across a dozen different neurostimulation applications. Our goal is to help play an integral role in bringing our client’s vision to life, and we achieve this by being masters of our field : we lead in hermetic feedthrough miniaturization, ceramic-to-metal brazing, and ceramic shaping and forming. 


Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)



Pain Management





implantable brazed feedthroughs for neurostimulation applications

Ceramic-to-metal hermetic feedthroughs

alumina brazed ceramic casings and housings for neurostumulation devices

Ceramic casings

tube casings for active implantable medical devices in the neurostimulation market

Tube Ceramic Casings

Our implantable ceramics building 

In 2018, SCT opened the doors to its Medical Applications Division. This major step in our company’s history has allowed us to channel attention and resources to biocompatible assemblies. We offer the following ressource advantages :

  • ISO 13485 certification
  • ISO 8 clean room 
  • Machines fully devoted to biocompatible materials
  • Production staff 

Complementary options


Laser welding

Marquage laser 

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